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Originally Posted by honeybadger View Post
I had this anchor on my 28ft Wellcraft and it worked great however on my trawler is looks small for some reason. The trawler is 24ft 10 ft beam and shallow draft about 28 inches, she only weighs in around 7500 lbs not sure how much more i have added. the anchor i have now is a Lewmar 22lb. Claw Anchor for Boats 31'–35', 21-1/4"L x 14-3/16"W x 11-1/4"H - I also have a 22lb. Traditional Anchor, 28' to 40' Boat Length, 1,500lb. SWL, 35-1/2"L x 27-1/4"W, 18-1/2" Fluke Length both have the same chain and line combo. the claw anchor seems to set faster and harder than the Traditional Bruce anchor. and when the windless brings it in, it is self righting and never needs any attention as i have a automatic lock on the chain.Around here we have mostly sandy bottoms but i do cruise down the coast into Fla. Any input would be Great.
HIGH COTTON had a 22 lb generic claw anchor on it when I bought it and it served me well and I suspect served the previous owner as well. It never failed to set and it never dragged.

Before my recent cruise I replaced it with a 33 lb Lewmar claw anchor, just for insurance and because I was able to buy it for $60 instead of $109 from West Marine with a price match. Actually, a cupon brought it down to $45.00.

Since I never had a problem with the 22 lb claw, I can't say the 33 lb version is an improvement, but there is a degree of "peace of mind" in having it.

HIGH COTTON is a bit more boat than you have so I expect you'll be fine with what you have. Anchoring is as much technique as it is equipment so study Chapman Piloting and other resources on anchoring techniques.
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