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Stuffing box

First of, I bought this boat about a year ago and havent played around with it too much. I dont know when the stuffing box was last serviced but i know the rudder shaft box was serviced in '09.

So I took apart my stuffing box and to be honest, it didnt seem like it had any packing inside it what so ever. I didnt buy the right size packing for it so ive got to get it exchanged but anyways so the grease fitting on the stuffing box looks like it would prevent packing from going into the stuffing box. ontop of that it doesnt seem like there would be any space for grease.

okay, so instead of rambling my question is this, Why wouldnt my stuffing box have ANY packing material inside of it?

Then, without addding packing has anyone experienced only adding grease to stop the drip rate?

So as of right now, it only has grease in it. i will get a picture of my stuffing box by my second post.
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