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Well, if you like claw-type anchors the Lewmar and the Bruce seem sized right for you, at least on paper. If you are anchoring in mostly sandy bottoms I think there are better choices in terms of holding power. The Danforth design (as in Danforth and Fortress) is generally rated at or near the top of the chart in terms of holding power once it's set. Other anchors, like the Claw/Bruce may often set faster or easier than a Danforth-type but their holding power is not nearly as great once they are set.

But your boat is pretty light in the overall scheme of things. I don't know how much windage it has but at 24' feet I imagine it's not going to have all that much. So it would seem to me that the anchors you have now should work fine for you under the majority of conditions you'll be encountering.
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