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RE: Probable Cause?

Baker wrote:

Keep on topic or go OTDE!!!

I was also under the impression that if your boat is documented, that the CG for all practical purposes, "owns" your boat and therefore can board at will.
They don't "own" it, but it is considered to be a little piece of the US if you're outside the waters of the US. Kinda like your own little consulate.

However, boardings go way back to the early US. I think it was called the Lifeboat Service way back when... they were given the authority to board any vessel, period as they could be carrying contraband, smuggling, etc. Since it's a means of transportation, not a house, whether you live aboard or not, they can board you any time with no probable cause. Don't need one. They can board to do an "inspection", check your papers, cargo, whatever. I guess you could try to refuse but I'm sure you'd be unhappy with the consequences!
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