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Thanks for the comments guys. I looked into Sioux City and appreciate your comments Anode, I too didn't think that it was the best place to enter, might not make it thru. However, I used itow for some quotes to this city from Seattle and was pleased to see it under $5K, due to the narrow width and height of my boat. Would make sense to enter in a better spot since shipping prices would be only marginally more. Will look into Texas, cheers ksanders. I wouldn't mind a longer run along the Gulf. I've been a casual follower of this forum for years, and a dreamer of the great loop for some time now. Still interested in hearing your comments on this subject if their is any, and I'm aware of the others sites - I think I've read them all, Captainjohn's being my favourite. Still hopping to hear from someone who's actually shipped from Seattle to do the loop and will attempt this conversation again at another time.
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