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RE: Probable Cause?

"Bush had no trouble running the country off a cliff."

Sorry , guess I missed the cliff,,, with the best economy the world has ever seen for almost 5 years. Created by removing a tiny portion of the tax burden.

No attacks by the dozens of Alkida cells now in the country , and job's and home ownership at record highs.

Sure some condo flippers are stuck and some dumb greedy banks are getting their DUE, but so what? Thats what orderly Bankrupcy laws are for!

No risk , no reward, when TV shows are called "Flip this House" and imbeciles get 50K for a 3 week repaint , no question there will be hassles.

The current food price is due to 20 years of pushing by the greens , combined by the primary being in a corn state , so free cash for ADM , and an almost 200% price rise to loose energy with gasahol is very partly Bushes fault.

He didn't veto the gasahol subsidies as he should have.

Still waiting to hear of a SINGLE loss of privacy by the ACLU , they want to sue , sue , sue , but are unable to show ONE harmed "victim " out of 300,000,000 folks and 5 years!

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