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Originally Posted by Obelikx View Post
Has anyone experience with using active fin stabilizers while simultaneously using assinting sails?

I had recentely fitted some Naiad stabilizers which work perfect and reduce roll to a great amount. Occasionaly, with wind from beam or aft we also use our stabilizing and assisting sails. When the Naiads try to reduce the angel of heel that creates a lot of drag slowing us down by 0.5 kts and reversing the positive effect on RPM and fuel consumption.
When taking out the "angel of heel control" from the Naiad steering console, they still work fine but with following seas they seam less effective. HAs anyone experience with that?

tx Wolf
We have TRAC stabilizers, and they have a setting where the control unit accepts a degree of heel and corrects from that rather than from 0 degrees of heel. In other words, if you are heeled over from sail assist, or from poor trim that introduces 15 degrees of port heel, the system will accept 15 degrees of port heel as "vertical" and correct around that. Essentially that eliminates the problem you are talking about, and I wonder if Naiads don't have the same feature?
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