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I have Niads as well

One of the features of stabilizers is to eliminate heal and roll.
so it is obvious that the natural heel induced by your stabilizing sail would cause the stabilizing fins to try and correct the heel. Fins are known to cause a reduction in speed of about a half knot. My fins run with a considerable amount of toe in which in it's self causes drag. I assumed that the toe in was set to aid in tracking similar to toe in on a car. We use toe in on twin rudders to keep the boat from hunting or over steering. When I raced catamarans it was one of the speed secrets we kept to our selves. One of the things stabilizers do is help tracking by countering a boats tendency to roll into a broach in following sea conditions. My guess is that your stuck with the drag induced by the stabilizers. Perhaps your boats keel is effective enough that you could eliminate any toe in your stabilizers my have and simply shut down the system in following sea conditions when using your sails. Since I don't utilize a steadying sail or assisting sail I haven't any experience with your set up. Just thought.
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