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We're not talking Sabaru's and stuff ......... we're talk'in boats and diesel's in paticular.

What happens when the Subaru gets old and the clearances are'nt so tight? They just want you to use the thin low vis stuff so their Subaru's have the best EPA millage numbers possible. Evinrude requires that I have my dealer change my computer on my e-tech outboard to run 100-1 oil mix (from 50-1) after break-in too but I'll never do it. I'm quite sure they play the 100-1 game so they can sell their engines ..... I mean sell them at all. Without that clause and the necessity of it's requirement I'm sure Evinrude wouldn't recommend 100-1. McCullough tried that way back in about the late 70s. Probably had a lot to do w their demise.

But I'll give you two thumbs up on chain drive camshafts. Without a doubt the better mousetrap.
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