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What do you feel is the upper limit of entertainment capacity for your boat is without compromising comfort and more importantly vessel stability?
We have had six guests on board at one time plus ourselves for a day cruise and on-board picnic in the islands. We wouldn't take any more than that, not because of vessel stability concerns but because any more than that and it just becomes too crowded.

Other than the flying bridge our boat does not have much comfortable space outside. Both the aft deck and foredeck are relatively small and exposed to the wind and weather and, on the foredeck, spray. As opposed to a Europa or pilothouse-style boat with a nice big covered aft deck that many owners enclose for wind and weather protection so it becomes an extension of the main cabin.

Eight people (and a dog) worked out okay on our boat. Between the main cabin and flying bridge there were nice places for people to sit but not be sitting on top of each other. But that's the limit, I think.

In addition to comfort and room on board there can be the issue of how much weight is prudent on the flying bridge or boat deck structure.

But as baldpaul says, it's a very subjective thing. Some people like lots of other people about when boating. It's a big social event. We are the opposite. We bought our boat to get away from bunches of people, not be with them. Which is easy to do in the waters we boat in. Not so much, perhaps, in places like SFO bay, the Gulf, ICW, etc.

Our limit of cruising guests on board is two and there are only six couples we will consider taking with us for more than a day-- two live in Europe and two on the east coast although one of the European couples has come over and cruised with us. There is only one other boat-owning couple we will cruise with these days.

So for us the subjective priority is what we want out of boating, not how many people our boat is capable of carrying. Below is our idea of what boating is all about. A crowd on the boat or in other boats would ruin it.
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