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Originally Posted by FF View Post
You think Cook, La Pérouse, Vancouver, or Farragut would have refused GPS, radar, sonar, and radio if they'd been available when they were doing their "inshore" criuising? I rather doubt it.

Almost ALL of the "navigation" most TT do is in a ditch , or running from one buoy to the next, with half a dozen in sight, reading a chart..

But you are right , listening to XM is a delight!

You need to go boating somewhere other than the ICW or Great Loop which I agree are "ditches" for the most part as you describe. It's not "buoy to buoy with half dozen in sight" out here or up the BC coast or in Alaska or around northern Scotland or out in the irish Sea or around Australia or New Zealand or in the hundreds of other places where boaters cruise in "TTs" as you call them.
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