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Jeez Louise, have I wandered into the Twilight Zone here? This isn't an ACLU case, it's a bunch of punks trashing the neighborhood.

Yes, we have authority over our private property.

The "kids" as I call them, they're in their late teens through early 20's, have been given multiple chances. A few years ago, over the objections of many, I even gave the ringleader of this crew a job at the community pool in an effort to give him a chance to have some focus and learn some responsibility. I believe that to this day it's the only job he's ever had. He screwed it up and got fired. 8th grade drop out, crack ho mother, deadbeat dad, all living on the dole at grandpa's house. Multiple run-in's with the law, including a staged drug deal armed robbery set-up.

His POS boat is sitting on the bottom at the entrance to our community, not tucked away in some back corner. A very attractive sight for potential home buyers visiting the neighborhood.

But, why am I even trying to justify this to you?
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