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BL makes a very good point. It's no different than when they build an airport way out of town (like they did Seatac out here), but airports have a way of generating business. So businesses spring up and then the people who work there want to live near their work, and then developers see a chance to make a buck so they buy cheap land around the airport, put up suburbs and condos and whatnot and then the people who buy them move in and and start complaining bitterly about the noise. It's not like the airport moved there, the people did long after the airport was established.

If people are so ignorant and unobservant to notice an airport sitting down the road from the nice little house they want to buy, I think they pretty much deserve what they get and screw 'em.

Sounds like BL's situation is no different. Residential community with agreed-upon requirements and it's not like those requirements are a secret. If people want to live in that community they have to agree to abide by the requirements that were determined by the community. If they don't want to abide by them, they have all the freedom in the universe to buy a home somewhere else.

If it was me, I'd say haul the derelicts off, clean up the kids' mess, and send the parents the cleanup bill. If they refuse to pay put a lien on their property for the money.

I have zero patience with or tolerance of people who don't take responsibility for their own lives (including their kids). Makes no difference to me if they're in downtown London, Farmville, USA, or Nameless Cove, Alaska. Location is not an excuse for irresponsibility.
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