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What ever is installed the main issue is where to install it. The problem with a boat is most surfaces are seen and used even the roof. With the mini split you would still have an outside unit to install someplace with a hole to connect the two. For some installation having two separate units, inside and out side, could be an advantage.

Did look at the portable AC unit for the salon and vent hot air outside through a salon window. Wanted units small enough to be taken down/portable, not permanent, so the window/port hole could be closed and no new holes in the hull/roof. With the teak stained enclosure that are on top of cloths closets they are hardly noticeable. The boat has to be closed up for the rain/cold 9 to 10 months per year. I would have preferred the roof AC on the pilot house roof not be permanent as its a hole in the roof and in the winter have to secure a tarp around otherwise the cold wind blows though it. You can still fee the draft.

However having a split unit would help in some installations.
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