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Originally Posted by FF View Post

The newest units are sold pre charged , just like most boat ice box refrigeration conversions.
The receiver holds the precharge. The evaporator and interconnecting tubing is not charged like the little marine units sold for owner installation.

You buy your own tubing but Daikin supplied the fittings. Since I was installing so many units I bit the bullet and bought a new vacuum pump and micron gauge and the best hand flaring tool Johnstone Supply had. Considering the cost to have the systems installed by a contractor the cost of the new stuff was pocket change and after reading the horror stories about installations gone bad, I wasn't going to take any chances.

You have to evacuate the tubing and the evaporator unit properly or you will have no end of problems with moisture and air. These are high pressure, sophisticated units that don't hold a large charge and require a higher degree of care than the old style a/c units.

The tubing on the Daikins is 1/4 and 3/8 so takes a 15/16 and a 1-1/16 tubing wrench. It is difficult to overstress how important it is to use quality tools and do the best work you have ever done on tubing flares or you will have problems.

Let me know if you go ahead with the project, I will loan you the pump and gauges as it is not worth buying for just one unit.
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