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"Where would you mount the evaporator?"

On the fly bridge , If I had one.

On LUCY the back of the pilot house would work, as with 15 ft to the stern rail, no sea spray hits there.

For us the heating COP of about 5 is of the most interest.

Most years we bail out of FL by May and don't return till Nov.

Not much air cond ever is used.

Heat (now done with resistance wire) is where the real money can be saved.

Tho I wouldn't mind tossing the huge duct work in the attic and gaining the evaporator space to use as a pantry.

On the larger boats we used to Zone with 3 or 4 Carrier condensers cooling a chilled water setup , that could be thermo -stated in each cabin or large space.

The big downside with this modern split setup is the errant drill bit getting a freon line , some time in the future.
On chilled water a patch of a hose clamp and piece of rubber works to stay operational..

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