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Cap, I do have one other suggestion.
LIke the Oil discussion, rope is rope, in my opinion, of course it should be all nylon and not a mix, yes there is such. Anyway, since we live in the oil patch I used the commercial style hardware stores that sell to the oilfield.
For lines I always purchased an ENTIRE SPOOL of 5/8 nylon line, this was, a few yrs. ago, always less than $150 for 600 ft. (45ft boat)
Do the math!
I would get a full set of 40 ft dock lines AND an anchor rode of 300 ft from one spool.
Note all of my lines had FOUR FOOT eyes spliced in them, makes docking a pleasure, well almost. Splicing is not hard and saves a tonn of money!
On occasion I would share a spool with a friend if I did not need a new rode to go with the new dock lines.
Again, my experience and YMMV
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