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It has appeal but it's way expensive if you're talking about plank-on-frame construction and it's done properly.

And while I believe a well cared for wood boat is no more effort to maintain than a well cared for plastic boat, the difference becomes glaring when the boats are not so well cared for. A plastic boat gets really dirty with neglect and some of the systems may start to fail or deteriorate with disuse. But that's about it.

A neglected wood boat can start to allow moisture to get into places it shouldn't be and then you have the potential for problems that can be a major effort and expense to fix.

So I would venture to say that in the kind of boating market represented by the members of forums like this one the interest in new-build wood boats is not seriously high enough to warrant trying to make money off it.

And if I was really rich and wanted a new boat, as much as I like wood I would probably look at some kind of composite construction (by which I mean carbon fiber or the like) before I seriously considered wood. At least not plank-on-frame.

The WEST process of cold-molding and whatnot may have merit depending on the type of boat. But I don't really regard those as "wood boats." They are composite boats with resins and epoxies providing the real properties of the hull.
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