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Originally Posted by BaltimoreLurker View Post
Stuck rings? God, I hope not. The Lehman is the best part of my boat! But I don't think it's a real problem. She's not using THAT much oil. And she barely smokes, even on start-up, except on cold days. If a multi-vis will produce better results I'll give it a shot.

Slightly off topic - I have used Sea Foam on my truck to try to fix a problem mis-diagnosed by both the dealer and independent shops. It helped for short periods. I turned to a Ranger forum, posed the question and got the correct fix in about 30 minutes. The fix cost about $3.99. That was after spending ~$2k on the experts. Now, whenever there is a problem I go to the forums first. I've taken info from the Ranger forum to the dealer who argued with me about the problem, even though it was in a Ford Service Bulletin. The Forum guys were correct. The dealer was clueless, but unapologetic when proved wrong.
Agreed ..forums are a great source of info and misinfo...the Ford truck forum allowed me to go into the dealer with a problem a few years back.... I was betting the forum was right based on symptoms and a few simple checks....they cost me $350 and $100 of it was the computer check to figure out what I already knew and told the dealership...but they do their thing and that's OK.

Last summer...same problem...I fixed it in 3 hours in the marina parking lot for free.

That's the only $350 I've spent on the 2001 truck with over 165,000 miles on it other than oil changes, 2 sets of brake pads and tires. It was used with 35,000 miles when I got her.

Forums are a goldmine if you are smart enough to toss the fools gold...
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