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Interesting......your slant on FBs seems only to do w money. I never even thought of that even though I have little money. To me the downside to a FB is mostly weight and that order. And in hot weather I'd want to be in a pilothouse/wheelhouse w AC ......not up in the hot sun. Of course the ideal boat would'nt have any house at all in/on it so it's kind of a line in the sand thing. But I'd go for the house (in moderation) and nix on the FB. It's just too far from ideal boat design. I wonder what your designer would think of that. With yachts though wants that are the bottom line. I go crazy in a small boat when everyone sits on the same side but few seem to care at all.

OK I see there is enough interest to downsize and post more pics. Yes she has a wet exhaust. Notice in the stern shot that the helmsman can see well all around from the aft helm.
The drum/reel winches actually do'nt have that much capacity until they are quite large. And yes ... keeping the rode out of the V birth area is one of the main reasons we have a rode box on deck that takes the whole rode. Most of my rode is 5/8ths nylon Brait and it can fit in a much smaller space than 3 strand.......except on a reel winch. I think the winch would look much better if it visually blended in better w the rest of the boat. Fishermen probably view it's presence on their boat as being confirmed as a member of a select group ...........and they are. The Forfjord anchor and the drum winch admits them to the to speak. The other pic is of my rode box on deck on Willy. I always tie the end of the rode to the port mooring cleat. Notice my Claw anchor is just barely visible even from above. You can see right behind the winch drum the shackle that joins the 1/2" chain to the 5/16ths chain.
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