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Originally Posted by jeffnick View Post
No chain at all for the final hour, it's the anchor that does the holding.
One More Time Around: Anchors and Such

You are correct a small percentage of the time.

Like anything in do have to know what you are doing no matter what system you use.

Me..99% of the time I'm anchoring where the winds are light enough that I'm swinging on the chain in a very tight circle.but there's enough rode and snubber to hold if a thunderstom pops up when I'm away ad CAN'T get back for some reason. But 99% of the time I'm pretty much right where I started.

Obviously with a decent anchor and knowing how to SET it properly doen't leave any doubts. And for that 1% of thetime that I coudn't get back and she's on her own...line may chafe through even with decent chafe guards (one in a thousand they slip) but that's a bigger chance than chain impartin g loads great enough to rip the front off my with all chain...all I ever do is push a button and having used all kinds of windlasses, capstans,'ll NEVER sell me that a line rode is easier as long as the windlass works...and I'm a single engine guy who has studied failure rates of boating equioment..good luck...
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