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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
Is it safe to assume you don't believe in God as the same test used to test for a response will likely yeild the same result.
I believe there is an overall power, intelligence, God, Allah, whatever name you want to hang on it. I don't believe there is a guy sitting up in heaven, nor do I believe there is some sort of "judgmenent day," nor do I believe there is a hell.

But a boat is just a collection of parts. Nothing intelligent or feeling about it. Just parts that ideally all work together to move you across the water. Treating it or any other machine as some sort of Disneyesque character is silly to my way of thinking. There's a term for it--- anthropomorphize: to attribute human traits to something that's inanimate or not human.

If it makes you feel good to thank your boat for a nice cruise or coax it along verbally if it's misbehaving is fine and if this makes you feel good or more confident or get more out of the boating experience, fine. But the boat itself's not gonna care what you say to it. It's like naming a boat. Names are for the people using or owning the boat. It means something to them, The boat itself is not going to be affected by whatever letters you paint or stick on the hull.
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