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Originally Posted by Marin View Post
Obviously not as evidenced by previous posts. But I don't. I don't talk to the plane I fly, either. They are both just machines. They work or they don't work, and if the don't work they get fixed.

Here's a simple test you can do to determine just how your boat regards you. Cut out a one-foot square piece of fiberglass matte. Set it in the exact middle of your dining room table. Halfway between the matte and the left end of the table set a pair of obstacles-- salt and pepper shakers or whatever--- exactly a foot and a half apart and in line with the matte and the end of the table. Then sit down in front of the glass matte.

Ask the piece of glass matte for advice on any subject you need advice on. Write down what it says. Then ask the glass matte to move from the middle of the table to the left end of the table making two 90-degree course adjustments on the way to navigate directly between the two obstacles. Note how quickly and accurately the piece of glass matte does this.

You now know the impact your talking to the boat has on it.
Is it safe to assume you don't believe in God as the same test used to test for a response will likely yeild the same result.

IMO, your boat just ignores you since you aren't a true believer.

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