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Originally Posted by jeffnick
5200 is considered permanent...and that's why I like/use it. When I install an underwater (or deck) fitting I want to permanently keep the water out, not just a temporary seal. I'll worry about what it takes to undo the permanentness if/when the time comes.

5200 is a GLUE , great for sticking the deck seam to the hull on a new build.

AS a sealant it offers NO advantage but a HUGE disadvantage.

No sealant , except welding is "forever" and most sealant dies in 5-10 years.

Most of the TT deck failures and window problems come from failed . not easy to replace sealants.

Every item will eventually need to be resealed , why make it harder?

Pulled your fuel fill or water fill deck plates yet?

We are using the new for marine mastic tapes that clean off almost instantly where we can..

We found Dolphinite great as it too cleans off with ease, weather on installation or R&R.

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