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Originally Posted by GonzoF1 View Post
TBH... I wish it DIDN'T say that and just blocked the post altogether.
(like you'll see this... I'm probably on half the board's ignore list)
Nah, not mine. Besides being interested in what you have to say, my fingers are still strong enough to swipe the screen on my iPad or move the trackball on my computer to scroll past posts I don't want to read or am not interested in. The nano seconds I'm exposed to these posts as they scroll by have so far not altered my life experience. Maybe when I get older and such finger movements become a painful chore and I feel the mere sight of a post I don't want to read is enough to send me to a trembling fit I'll use the filters. But for now, Gonzo, post away. If I want to read your stuff I will and if I want to skip over it I can.
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