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Originally Posted by Phil Fill View Post
I have tried the Bristol but itís to thin, runny and does not give that deep shine that varnish does. The concern with some, I believe Bristol, may not be compatible with the old
Not trying to change anyone's preference here, but the big advantage to us with Bristol is it is far more UV resistant than any varnish we tried before switching. The shine may not be as "deep," but it's more than satisfactory to us. But the ability of Bristol to hold up long after regular varnish would have failed without more frequent re-coats is one thing that sold us.

Bristol can be put over most other finishes like varnish IF the varnish is completely cured and is in good shape. You don't want to be applying Bristol over a cracking or peeling varnish surface. And Bristol cannot be put on over any kind of an oil finish. Period. If the wood has had oil on it, all traces of the oil much be removed. As opposed to varnish which can be applied to wood that was previously oiled.

Bristol is indeed very thin--- it has the consistency of diesel fuel--- and this causes a number of first time users to give up on it. Applied correctly it will not run or sag. But the tendency of people who are used to varnishes and paints is to try to put Bristol on too thick per coat, and then there very definitely will be runs and sags. Lots of thin coats is the trick to Bristol, as opposed to fewer heavy coats that one can get away with with traditional varnishes.
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