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Newbie to trawler forum

Hi folks, thanks for accepting me into your forums, I live in nz, bay of islands, and have few questions.... any comments or theories would be much appreciated, as my question may not necessarily have a answer...?.��
I have just purchased a rather large toy... 30 meter Japanese ex research ship/boat, and will be using it privately. It has fuel capacity in 4 seperate tanks of 4000 plus litres in each tank for extended journeys, I will never need that amount of fuel, but don’t want to close the option of ‘one day I might need them’ and I need the ballast/ weight to give her some weight as nearly all her fuel tanks are empty and she’s sitting pretty high in the waterline, there’s two fuel tanks up front and one astern and one in the centre lower bilge area, and two 4000 litre water tanks astern either side of the stern diesel tank. Could I open up the front tanks and clean them out properly as it’s a fibreglass ship, and fill them with fresh water to use for shower water, or even just fill them with fresh water so I can get her a bit lower in the waterline?.has anyone had success in cleaning a diesel oil tank and used it as water? If required could that tank be re In statted to diesel if required?.
Sorry about the throw into the pile question but this is my first LARGE vessell so haven’t much experience in this size of
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