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Scraping Paint
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Well, don't use oil on the outside of the boat. It weathers off fast and you have to keep applying it. And when you do, it attracts and holds dirt and your wood will eventually darken severely.

Everyone has their favorite exterior bright finish. Some like traditional varnish and have great success with it. We used varnish for a couple of years and then my wife discovered Bristol and we have not used anything else for the plast ten or eleven years. But Bristol can be a bit tricky to apply--- most of the people who have poor luck with it have not mastered the application techniques.

Some people swear by Cetol. I don't care for the look of it but that's a subjective thing.

And there are plenty of other finishes out there--- Honey Teak, Epiphanes (sp?), the list goes on. Finishes are like anchors--- whatever a particular person has chosen to use becomes the best product on the planet and all others are inferior regardless of what anyone else says.

What works best will also depend on your climate. So I think the best thing to do is talk to people in your immediate area who have boats with a bright finish you like the look of and find out what they use.

Interior finishes are the same thing. Lots of choices. Oil can work better inside as it's not sujected to the weather. We prefer a satin, water-based polyurethane but satin varnishes and two-part satin products like Bristol work, too. If you want a shiny interior finish then use the same stuff you choose to use on the exterior.
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