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GFCI Question

I have an issue I'm not sure how to handle. Had a outlet added in the ER to support block heaters for winter, the yard added a GFCI weather resistant (leviton) strait off a panel. After a year or so, got flashing red on the outlet, which indicates the GFCI needs replacement. So I replace (not with the same brand), and now it trips two breakers upstream, at what I have found through research, is the RCD. As the boat was built to EU standards, per Nigel Calder I apparently have actually whole boat GFI, with separation of AC/DC grounding and corresponding corrosion benefit. The question I have, is it OK to use a standard outlet, given the RCD trips at 30 ma or so, or do I need the 5 ma from a downstream outlet per ABYC. Could the two GFIs be fighting each other? The outlet would normally be off except in the dormant months. Thanks, B (BTW heaters are working well, plugged into normal outlet, off the main)
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