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I had both done last year. Left eye was the worst. Due to the mapping of the eye , the new lens did not improve my very bad vision. They replace it a second time. That was much better but not 20/20. Right eye worked out great. I only need 1.5 reading glasses so iím Satisfied.
LASIK can be dangerous. My very best friends son [32 years old] had it done. It had major complications. He has nerve damage that they canít fix. He is in pain 24/7. His life revolves around pain which is unbearable at times. He has traveled to a few different specialist that deal with LASIK complications. So far no success. And yes at times he wanted to end the pain. He now spends 2 hours a day , every day doing various procedures the get through the day. In addition he lost his job over it.
Do your research. There are many similar stories
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