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Originally Posted by Sailor of Fortune View Post
Has anyone had Lasiks surgery? Kind of wondering if its worth the risks involved for the benefits.
I have.

My optomotrist knew I had cataracts, but didn't think they were causing me any difficulties, though I kept him busy with Rx changes every 6 months or so. When I complained, I was sent to an Ophthalmologist who also told me my cataracts were not the problem.
Not satisfied, I got a referral to a different Ophthalmologist, one who specialized in cataracts. His recommendation was immediate cataract surgery on both eyes, followed in a month with Lasik on both to eliminate Astigmatism.
I did all of that and about a year later had the laser zapping (I now, not a medical term) of the clouding "Capsule". I chose dual focal lenses, one for very near (reading) and distance, one for mid (computer distance) and far.
The only downside is in low light, reading un-illuminated print can be a chore, so my Netflix watching has increased. I had no real time of healing, it was almost healed when I returned home from the office where all of the procedures were done. I have never felt that glasses would be required.

I also believe the $5k charged by the Ophthalmologist was dirt cheap and I recommend NOT waiting if that will help your vision.
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