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My opinion is that for a single person and some couples a boat if its large enough can make a very comfortable home.

I could live on my boat as my only home, and actually stay on it about a third of the time right now. My wife not so much. She likes more space, but has yet to experience the amenities of a nice marina either.

If a boat does not make a great primary home for all, it certainly makes a Great second home for almost anyone that likes the water.

All of my quickly retiring neighbors in Alaska have second homes someplace warmer.

I have a boat as a second home. That second home can go anywhere I feel like parking it, and it can be moved with the turn of a key and the casting off of a few lines.

San Diego
Cali Delta

All inviting places

To me that is the advantage of a boat as a home, over a dirt home. Either as a primary residence or a second home. The ability to move it at will.
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