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Originally Posted by RA Jones View Post
Thanks for the note Pete. Experienced boaters...umm... we have two boats. A 1978 O’Day Daysailer II and a 24’ Summit Pontoon boat. So really, I won’t claim to be an experienced boater in the context of a 48 foot Trawler. I can drive a small tractor though...

Our plan is to buy a boat, move to a San Francisco Bay marina and live on it. All my kids and family are already there although not on boats.

Please rate my level of courage/stupidity freely.

Stupidity- zero.
Courage- off the charts!

You’re following a dream/passion/desire- something that too many never pull the trigger on. As long as you’re going into the project with open eyes and attitude, you’ll do fine.

Get yourself a training skipper and learn how to handle the boat (it may be needed for your insurance). In your homeport area, immerse yourself in the community and find out who the “go to) people are for marine services (mechanical/electrical/plumbing/etc).

Most of all- enjoy the journey!
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