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Originally Posted by JLD View Post
While they might know what they are doing, same may not be true of the captain of the boat being boarded!

Seems a simply command would keep the recreational boat captain from doing something unexpected, by accident.

If I had a dollar for every time a recreational captain didn't do what they were told .....I could have retired much sooner.

I have had them leave the helm and go below with no autopilot or watch or helmsman to get a camera to take pictures of the helo during hoisting where facing into the wind was critical....VERY critical.

My other favorite was hoisting off cruise ships at night where the passengers were instructed "no camera flash pictures".... of course at the critical part of the hoist you had hundreds of flashes right in your eyes from only a few meters away. Luckily no helo ever drifted into the ships during hoisting... at least that I know of.

Following instruction is just not a popular habit to many.
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