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You guys need to watch more reality cop shows. First enjoy watching all the smart non-lawyer lawyers handle their way in an arrest, 100% of the time it doesn't go well for said not to bright individual.

Now regarding the ask to see private spaces, again if you watch the cop shows, they to ask and if you say yes, then they look. But if you say no and they have reasonable grounds to believe you might be in possession of something of interest, they will impound your car (or boat) and get a search warrant from a judge, then search.

There is usually an easy way or a hard way, and usually it's your call as to how you want to play it. And all of those in authority have been trained up the yin yang as to how to handle.

Let me give you one example. I was in charge of civilian security and portal personnel (scanners, X ray types, etc) at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, the curling venue. We trained our personnel on all kinds of responses from the public. One was the "Do you know how important I am?" and various statements like that in an attempt to intimidate my staff. And soon as someone said that or something like that, life became more difficult for them at that point. And even if they checked out, it was my job to change their clearance status, this was particularly true for any staff that work at the Olympics. The status was change from, normal security checks to a full security check every time they entered the venue.

I worked the closing Ceremonies of the Olympics, which meant I was a manager available when exceptional problems arose. One guy in a three piece suit, working for Vancouver Olympics, in other words one of their own, came through with a brand new knife. This guy had worked on site for roughly a year and a half, in the early stages of venue development. This meant he had passed literally a thousand times signs that listed prohibited items, and I'm sure you are not surprised that knives were one of the items on the list. He did the old, do you know who I am routine, last time I saw him he was between two cops being hauled away. He never made the closing ceremonies.

No matter how smart you think you are in exchanges with people in authority who are in charge of safety and security, they've trained for you.
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