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Originally Posted by Stripper View Post
The best source of parts and information is right there locally in Seattle at Sure Marine. They have the pumps, manifolds and any other parts you might need. They donít sell Refleks but should be happy to set you up with everything else you need and the info to do it right. If you canít find a fuel tank that seems right for you, look at hydraulic tanks from some of the commercial marine places. Lots of oddball sizing and they work great for day tanks.

Yes, I know them. Have been there in the past, when I bought my boat. Luckily, the shop is quite close to my work. Iíll take your advice and go to chat with them next week.
I certainly need guidance on the fittings, manifold, valves, pipes.
It seems that I need a custom made tank. has a location here, same vicinity as Sure Marine. I wonder, if they could fabricate a tank for me for the specifications I need? Anyone has dealt with them before?
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