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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
Firefight? Assuming they don't drop you and your friends with so many shots unless you happen to be ex special forces....

If it's unexpected boarding...I am guessing the boat is unaware and the boarders have the advantage.

Most boaters that I know that have guns would probably shi* themselves staring down the barrel of another gun....let alone at the first muzzel flash.

I probably would.

Especially knowing the backup that would rain hell down on your boat.
Well obviously I meant that in a startle response. Of course no sane person seeing armed CG crawling over the aft rail is going to run for his .38! That's just dumb. But suppose its dark, maybe sleeping, noise from aft? Owner goes out on deck, sees dark clad nijnas coming aboard, starts shooting, gets killed by return fire. It could happen. Point is to me, at least, is that the CG or any LE should NEVER board without the owner knowing it, unless there is probable cause and warrant in hand, just like cops on the beach.
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