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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
Another tough day crossing the Atlantic ocean. Ok, Lake Okeechobee. Nothing but water on the horizon.

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That sure looks like the Inside passage. The only difference, you can wear shorts and flip flops!!

Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
Various issues kept us here in Portsmouth one day too many... and just now it's 15 kt winds (down from 20s) gusting to 32... rolling waves in the marina, whitecaps just outside...

I could get out, but it'd take some work with spring lines and maybe ending up having to back out of the fairway anyway...

Too much trouble, and it's supposed to be nice tomorrow...

Chris Chris Chris. Are you retired? if you are there should not be on a schedule. Sit back relax, pour another drink, relight the cigar and enjoy the storm and watching the idiots out there in it!!

Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
I use to be impatient. Now I'm either smarter or lazier, not sure which.

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