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Originally Posted by Gordon J View Post
I was boarded today in st. Augustine Florida by customs and sheriff’s deputies.
We have a little thread drift, I think. No argument from me about the USCG's statutory authority, although I think it's overly broad. Generally, in my experience, the Coasties do their job courteously and professionally. A lot of career cops could benefit by professional development training from the average USCG E5.

It's the local LEOs and the various and sundry federal alphabet agencies that have decided to become water cops that seem to be the problem in this part of the world.

Although my experience is stale at this point, when I had tours as a military advisor to both the Coast Guard and the DEA, the difference was like night and day. USCG - quite professional, big investment in training, significant accountability. DEA - rhinestone cowboys, know it alls, inculcated with a huge "whatever it takes" and "let God sort them out" attitude from the top down.

My concerns are in how the latter model has migrated to the local LEOs and the various associated wannabe agencies and its manifestattion on the water.
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