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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
I've only been boarded once. However, I was doing 24 kts at the time, so nobody was going to just 'board' me. Overtaking me at around 30-35 knots on an intercept course, along with us being the only boat in site, made it clear they at least wanted to talk.

I stopped and they pulled alongside and first asked when the last time I was boarded for a safety inspection. They then asked if they could board.

They were very polite and courteous. Smiles and handshakes all around. They asked fairly basic stuff (pfd's, throwable, etc). Since we keep them within hands reach, all I did was mostly just point ("PDF's are right beside you"; "Throwable is right beside him").

At this point it was very laid back, we were basically 'chat chitting' about their service pistols, and how Sig Saur is in our home state and my wife owns and loves her Sig. (statement for the purpose of context, not to intended to turn this into a gun thread). I then asked what would happen if I had declined their request, to which they all broke out into laughter. The reply "Oh we would have boarded anyway, but it wouldn't be nearly this friendly a visit".

I am very surprised they actually boarded without at least advising that they were going to do so. This isn't a center console. This is my home, regardless of whether it's my primary residence or not.
Same here in Ketchikan AK. USCG was Friendly and professional. No weapons, because of Canada.

However, I have denied boarding to a local Sheriff boat. The purpose was a safety check. I told him to look at the port window for a safety check sticker. He didn't like it, but he pulled away. It would have been totally different with the USCG. I would state "Welcome aboard and I have loaded weapons on board."
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