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Cleaning the corrosion off and having dry, clean and tight cable to battery connections is important for best service.

Typically the corrosion on a flood cell battery is from the hydrogen gas being released from the acid in the battery. The gas gets out through venting in the caps when the battery is charging. if the corrosion is occurring on the negative terminal, your system is probably undercharging. If on the positive side, it is probably overcharging. In addition the faster the charge rate the more gas is produced. Keeping the batteries charged up so a big charge situation is not needed as much helps. Also coating the terminals or cable ends will help too. If you do use a coating it does not have to be a thick coating.

When cleaning use baking soda to neutralize the acid. Just don't get any inside the battery! The clean or flush with water. Having a clean battery case also helps eliminate stray current loss with current finding a conductive path through dirt to the other side of the battery.
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