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Originally Posted by FF View Post
Our Dickinson uses 1/2 to 4 gallons per day , the latter when its 0F and below.

A pump less hydronic can be done ,we have it in our 90/90.

The system must slope down from the highest point ,to the bottom coil we use 3/4 inch baseboard style finned tubing.Any change in direction can not be done with 45 or 90 deg elbows. Either hose with a slow bend or slow sweeps from a refrigeration supply does work.

The system works slowly as there is not much difference in the weight of cold water and hot water.

But after heating overnight , your fine till spring .

Our circ. water runs at 135F to maintain T shirt environment on board.adjusted manually at the fuel control.

Our header tank is about a gallon , diesel fuel tank 24 gal.

Thanks FF. The Refleks stoves from what I have read, use about a pint an hour on low. Most guys use them on small sailboats (-30ft) though so not to bad to heat.

I like the idea of a diesel stove on my boat to keep with the theme. The Euro boats use a combination of heating. Engine coolant heating, a boiler for when the engine is off, and a multi fuel solid fuel stove. The solid fuel stove usually burns coal, wood, and pellets. The coolant based heat is usually through radiators or finned baseboard heaters. Sometimes a combo.
What a pain in the transom.

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