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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
If you need a place to hide before heading down the NJ coast, inside Sandy Hook is the Atlantic Highlands Municipal Harbor. There is a breakwater with a mooring field inside. There is room to hide inside the breakwater but just outside of the mooring field. What's your plan for the NJ coast?

I'm aiming for Atlantic Highlands tomorrow night. I was hoping to get at least to Barnegat inlet Wednesday, possibly to Atlantic City, but that might be pushing it. Looks like Wednesday will be a little windy, but out of the West. Thursday will be calmer, but with seas on the beam all day, which doesn't sound great. We'll see how it looks tomorrow I s'pose.

Originally Posted by fractalphreak View Post
You make me laugh, a professional mariner nervous about anchoring a tiny little boat?! I get it though, when its all you and its all your world, its somehow different.

The hot shower makes me laugh too, because I too spent the weekend on boat projects, and out of the three I struck out on two and finished one (new galley sink drain hose and fix leaky sink.) It turns out that someone in Taiwan decided to make custom sized stainless sink drains back in the 1980's, and everyone here laughed at me when I tried to find a new one. My final solution when the threads stripped? Epoxy a barb fitting onto the dang thing, epoxy lasts forever! Victory is mine! And now I replaced that dang stinky hose and the boat smells better!

Its the little things. Glad to hear there is showers going on there, that and some fresh fruit and you'll arrive without the scurvy and smelling fresh for the ladies ARRGGHHHH!
I'm glad your boat smells better! lol. Yeah, I bought some clementines to stave off the scurvy, and I figured I could just rub them on my armpits if the shower situation didn't pan out.

Also, it's pretty easy to sleep at anchor when there's a mate in the pilothouse knitting and watching the plotter, lol.

Originally Posted by koliver View Post
In case you were kidding about deep 6ing the therma valve, I had the same problem with one the same. Got the manufacturer on the phone and found out that when they said "hot" on the left, they really meant "cold" and vice versa. When I changed the connections so they were backwards, it worked perfectly well, and still does, several years and thousands of hot showers in.
Honestly, after the second one wasn't working right, I sort of assumed that I was either using it wrong, or had installed it wrong. Either way, I figured it was user error. I decided a simpler setup with manual temperature adjustment would be a safer bet.
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