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Originally Posted by Pau Hana View Post
I respectfully disagree- I am very well versed in the floating home vs houseboat and boat B&B markets. They are VERY different.

Most marine insurers consider B&B exposures as bareboat rentals, and therefore exclude that exposure. The tragedy happens when a claim occurs during a B&B rental, and that claim is declined because of the exposure. As much as the vessel owner wants to assume there is coverage, the policy language is the reality they must live with.

What determines whether a risk is a floating home or houseboat- as a start:
  • Is it self powered?
  • Is is registered as a boat?
  • Construction - hull or stick built on a non-propelled barge?

The same tenets that apply for vessels apply for houseboats with regards to B&B. Floating homes, as they cannot get underway, can be endorsed for the rental exposure.
Do you cover boat docks?
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