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Originally Posted by JLD View Post
While I would certainly agree its not a good idea to refuel a boat with the engine(s) running, I'm not sure that's the cause of the explosion in this case.

The boat looks like a skiff, with a 150 hp Yamaha on a bracket. The gentleman was apparently refueling using the portable gas cans shown on the deck.

I wonder if maybe the gentleman spill the fuel from the portable cans and what the ignition source was?

It could have been a static charge triggered explosion. This time of year, that's a real possibility.

A demolition guy I knew, had a trick he would show us where he would wire a blasting cap to a lead, then slide across the vinyl seat of his truck, touch his fingers to the leads, and set the blasting cap off. He said those were the days you didn't want to be setting charges.
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