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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
The real "zone" can be surprisingly large, though. Many think of Florida -- or maybe Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas -- as being the hurricane zone, but here on the Chesapeake we've had to react to three hurricanes since returning from our Florida assignment. And obviously the whole Gulf Coast and TX have been hit hard too...

So it might not be easy for some to be "out of the zone"...

Absolutely correct.

While the CAT zone is understood to be an area from the Carolinas to Brownsville, TX the key is "named windstorm".

Your primary mooring location is the general reference to whether or not you have a Named Storm Deductible. If you're moored in the Chesapeake (not known as a CAT zone) and a named storm comes roaring thru, it's a good bet that you won't have a NSD on your policy- so the standard deductible would apply to any partial damage. Same goes if you're a California risk and a freak hurricane slams San Diego- no NSD would apply.
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