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Originally Posted by O C Diver View Post
Left Osprey marina yesterday heading for Charleston. As luck would have it, my itinerary would have me going through McClellanville at low tide. By10AM the winds were 20 to 25 South to Southwest. Reached McClellanville right at low tide. The winds kept some water in; the the low wasn't too extreme. Down to that point I don't think I saw less than 9' of water near low tide. Within a half mile of town it shallowed to about 8' minimum. After town to dredge Tenacious it got really skinny. Just as I'm about to pass the dredge, I see less than 6' with the depth alarm going off. Passing the dredge, it takes quite a while (15 seconds) for the depth sounder to accurately read the bottom because of all the suspended mud in the water. Then the water depth dropped to 9'+ for the rest of the trip to Charleston. They have a mile or so to go before than entire stretch is 9'+ at MLW.

Wifey B: Only one time in my young life have I taken that trip inside. No thanks. Myrtle to Georgetown to Ocean to Charleston, thank you. Current conditions there are 2' at 7 seconds and the more important one is all the depth readings are double and triple digits.
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