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Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
First I would replace all fuel filters and clean the Racor bowls. Second, I would set the starboard engine to draw and return to the starboard tank, port to draw and return to the port tank. Now go for a run and see if you stall out one of the engines. I believe itís more likely you have miss understood the valves on the boat than a clog. However, neither can be ruled out just yet.
I have seen this type of goofy fuel supply where both tanks dump into a manifold before exiting to individual Racors. There is no way to have the engines set up to draw from separate tanks since the small SStank (i.e. manifold is a common point. He could shut off the port tank at the tank and try to run either or both engines off the full stbd tank to prove the clog or (the idea he had which I like) blow air back through the stbd tak supply.
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