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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
I don't believe you general claim that all insurance companies will deny claims involving portable generators. Too many variables.

Of course some safety foundation is going to regurgittae the same old stuff that is for the most part easy to deal with the hazards.

And finally...I feel a lot safer managing my little portable under very controlled conditions compared to a built in ABYC OKed gas genset below decks running all night to keep some cool or warm. All those same warnings can be applied at least in some fashion to built in gensets too.

Boating to us has always meant being around many folks of various ages on our boat and the boats we travel with.
Mitigating hazards has always required taking all of these people into account not just me.
Additionally we do require reasonable insurance as part of that reasonable risk mitigation.
Your posts do not indicate any insurance companies that might fit this portable genset issue, no marine electrical articles on how to wire them up , nor any articles on the best practices of safe use by the genset companies or any other recognized marine experts.
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