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Originally Posted by smitty477 View Post
Perhaps post a link to any of these sites , one that you prefer.
Or a link to a marine article or surveyor that speaks about the best methods to utilize a portable genset on a boat.

Ah...using my same tactic against me...good call.

Of course any "licensed/certified/published Pro" is probably going to recommend against them if in writing.

But me...a lowly, but highly experienced, well trained, but unpublished pro falls back on his recurrent mantra of operational risk management where you take all the risks identified by the other "pros"...and mitigate or eliminate them. So now MY post becomes the only link you need.

You can kill yourself a dozen ways every day on your boat if you don't think about what you are doing...all I am saying is be smarter than the guy who gets $500 an article to say it's unsafe because it's the easy and legally safe thing to write.

My reference to the abundant internet info is the stats that these guys use don't really prove much, the real dangers to life or limb are really small if careful and the anecdotal evidence of portable generator use compared to incidents is overwhelming.

Well...just to one up was an article that I found in about 10 seconds of googling that echoes some of my thoughts....and virtually every danger is easily mitigated or fixed.
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